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Our unique Advanced Diagnostic Technology (ADT) Stress Management and Performance Profile could be described as a "stress test" as it identifies and measures workplace stressors.  It is compliant with the Health & Safety Executive’s six key workplace management targets as confirmed by the HSE on November 3rd 2004.
We can use our ADT profile in all our services to clients, including:
  • Stress audit /stress risk assessment,
  • Stress management/performance training,
  • Performance/stress management coaching,
  • Individual employee stress diagnosis
ADT identifies and measures:
  • Behaviour patterns causing stress
  • The real causes of stress and personal coping resources
  • Winning behaviour levels
  • Workplace & personal stressors
  • Stress levels & symptoms
ADT Internally Self-Validating
ADT is internally self-validating with each section confirming results from the previous sections.
Extensive Profile Analysis Experience
We have analysed the results from over 5000 ADT profiles in our work with individuals, employees and teams.  What is the benefit of this?  The profile is validated on a population of English managers, unlike many psychometric tests which are validated on a population of American undergraduates!
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