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Lorna McArthur BSc(Psychology) DC, MCIPD, DipStress Mgt, DHP
A Psychologist and Psychotherapist, with numerous postgraduate qualifications in counseling, management coaching, hypnotherapy , stress management and psychometrics, Lorna McArthur has brought together her extensive management experience in industry and as an entrepreneur, to help companies identify the pressures leading to stress and develop winning behaviours.
To help managers reach optimum performance and take control of their lives, her team of associates are all behavioural scientists and stress management experts, with the maturity that life and business experience brings.
Dr Carolyn Yeoman  MSc PhD

Dr. Carolyn Yeoman has a Ph.D. in Organisational Psychology, an M.Sc. in Occupational Psychology and a degree in Psychology. She has both academic and commercial experience, having worked in personnel management for Marks and Spencer.

For three years Dr. Yeoman was a Research Fellow at the Manchester School of Management, UMIST, where she conducted the first nationwide independent assessment and evaluation of British Workplace Counselling Programmes, for The Health and Safety Executive. This research also formed the basis of her Ph.D. thesis.

Carolyn has published numerous journal articles (both academic and non-academic) and has presented widely at conferences. She has written a book with colleagues at UMIST which was published in March 1997.

In work with many blue-chip companies, she has provided independent information and advice in the area of work stress and workplace counselling, as well as rigorous audit and evaluation services for Employment Assistance Programmes and Workplace Counselling Programmes.

Ros Edlin BA, CQSW, B Tec Stress mgt, MIOSH

Having worked extensively with all strata of society, Ros has also provided joint therapies with a GP and worked as an infertility counsellor.

She has a lifelong interest in the effects of stress on health and has run her own successful consultancy business for a number of years.

She joined Positive Results in 2003 with special responsibility for running tailor made workshops and training courses in Stress Awareness and Stress Management, with particular emphasis on the physical and psychological effects of stress on health.

A certificated member of IOSH, she is also able to focus attention on the importance of Health and Safety matters in the corporate setting.


A leader in her field, Liz is an acknowledged expert in trauma management systems. She led the trauma support team for Greater Manchester Police, and led the Critical Incident Debriefing interventions following armed robberies assaults, major road accident and murders.

She now works with Local Authorities, transport companies, police federations and the voluntary sector providing crisis interventions, therapeutic support and proactive initiatives for managing trauma.

An experienced and effective trainer, she has developed traumatic stress training programmes for managers and staff, including the training of police officers as in-house peer supporters.

In addition, she runs a successful private practice, and has successfully treated clients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and trauma reactions following assaults, accidents, child sexual abuse and serious injury.

Her research into firearms officers and trauma was presented at the 2003 Research Conference for the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and led to changes being implemented by Greater Manchester Police in their approach to trauma support.

Her qualifications, expertise and experience are invaluable in helping people develop proactive and coping strategies for dealing with stress.

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