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About Lorna McArthur

Lorna Mc Arthur
Twenty one at least twice!
Son aged 16 and daughter aged 13
You can be whatever you want to be, provided you want it enough , but beware what you wish for in case it comes true!
Gardening - trying to create order out of chaos
Karting – watching my son race round at 80 mph with his backside two inches off the ground – very stressful
Horse riding – watching my daughter go horse jumping at the local stables , on horses so big that I could plunge a pint pot up their nostrils.  Also very stressful.
Reading - anything and everything
No-one told me that being a parent should carry a health warning – if you aren’t worrying about what they do do, you are worrying about what they don’t do!
Humour is the biggest de-stressor of the lot, and is vastly underrated. 
Frustrated aims
Haven’t yet raced a formula 1 car round Monaco.
Haven’t had the time to develop a “laughter” pill that would help people see the funny side of things when they are feeling down.
Why the passion about managing pressures
I have experienced the early death of a beloved parent, poverty, homelessness, marriage, divorce, parenthood, illness, depression, working at senior management levels under extreme pressure, running my own businesses, raising children to be good citizens -  so I feel I am well qualified about the events that make people feel stressed, and know from bitter (but positive) experience what works and what doesn't, at both corporate and personal levels.


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