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The traditional approach to diagnosing and managing workplace stress has been to enlist the support of GPs, Occupational Health professionals and counsellors once an employee starts to show signs of ill health
There are several disadvantages of this approach:
  • It relies on an individualís perception of their stress problem, which is often not the real cause
  • Most GPs and counsellors, whilst highly skilled in many areas, do not have the specific skills required to deal with workplace stress
  • Help is only sought once a problem has become apparent
  • The support and counselling received by the individual will go some way to resolving the issue but will not identify the behaviour patterns that lead that individual to be stressed, and will therefore not necessarily prevent a repetition
  • Traditional counselling can be a lengthy process involving extended periods of sick leave for the employee
Positive Results approaches the problem of workplace stress from the point of view that prevention is better than cure.  Using our Advanced Diagnostic Technology (ADT) we are able to identify the causes of workplace stress, pin point those employees most at risk and implement proven action plans involving the latest profiling, coaching, training and auditing processes to prevent employees becoming stressed and to get those already stressed back to full health as quickly as possible.


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