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Identifying Absence Due To Pressure, Costs:
“We had no idea how much stress related illness absence was coting us until a Pilot Prevention programme on one site made us look at all sites.  It was £204,000 in 2001 and on course to top £200,000 in 2002”
                                                                                    Personnel Director
                                                                                    Manufacturing Company
Restoring Productivity:
“A stressed engineer absent for three months cost the company £48k in lost revenue.  Consultations and practical advice quickly restored a valued employee to productivity.”
                                                                                    Personnel Manager
                                                                                    Engineering Company
Reducing Sickness Absence:
“A Stress Prevention programme not only helped reduce our sickness absence but also helped improve productivity.”
                                                                                    Manufacturing Manager
                                                                                    Toiletries Company
Increasing Sales Performance:
“Help and practical guidance not only solved a key sales person’s administrative problems but also increased sales production by 89% over six months”
                                                                                    Insurance  Company
“A Trading Standards Officer was absent twice for long periods with stress.  A risk assessment highlighted the necessary control measures in the workplace to be taken to ensure a safe and speedy return to work.”
                                                                                    Personnel Manager
                                                                                    Local Authority


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