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Employers have long recognised the requirement to protect workers from physical illness and injury in the workplace but many may not be aware that the same obligations now apply to mental as well as physical health.  Failure to identify potential stressors and take action to prevent employees becoming stressed (in other words, to have a Stress Policy) may even attract legal action against the employer.

The Health and Safety Executive has begun to get tough with employers in view of research carried out in the last few years, which shows a clear link between poor work organisation and subsequent ill health.  Indeed the Health and Safety Executive has recently gone so far as to issue enforcement notices against a large NHS Trust hospital in the south of England against a background of high levels of absence for stress and the failure on the part of the trust management to properly assess the risks and to put in place the appropriate preventative and protective measures. 

The HSE has produced a guide for employers, which can be found at This guide outlines employers’ responsibilities and the action that must be taken to avoid employee stress.

Whilst this document is a comprehensive guide, it may be difficult for many employers who do not have specific training in stress management to implement the necessary procedures, in which case, Positive Results can help by devising and implementing the programs to ensure you comply with the regulations.


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