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Stress Audit and Stress Risk Assessment

Criminal prosecution could result from ignoring Health and Safety Executive directives.

Workplace Stress Audits are the first stage in a legal requirement in conducting an organisational risk assessment as required under health & safety law.
Our unique online audit tool is has proved of great benefit to clients and greatly simplifies audit set up and data collection, and reduces the costs of identifying and managing work related stress and the effects of stress.

Stress Audit
- on line
- quick to complete
- covers all HSE requirements
- minimal costs
- maximum data – tailor made to company requirements
- basis for risk assessment
- identifies potential “hotspots”
- company resources directed to areas of real need

Our online stress audit tool is based on validated research and is fully compliant in identifying the six key workplace stressors as identified by Health and Safety Executive guides on the management of workplace stress and pilot stress management competencies.

Respondents are asked a total of 30 questions, comprising of five questions for each of the six key workplace stressors namely Control, Demands, Role, Relationships, Change and Support.

We also have the facility to ask as many other additional questions as you require in order to tailor the results to your specific requirements.

Health and Safety Executive research has identified that at any one time 20% of an organisation’s workforce is highly stressed.
Failure to carry out an organisational risk assessment could result in criminal prosecution under Health and Safety law.  The Health and Safety Executive is already issuing improvement notices to organisations that fail to have a policy, carry out a risk assessment and put into place procedures for managing workplace stress. 
Individual Risk Assessment – Employer’s Duty Of Care
Regardless of the fact that organisations should in any case have carried out an organisational risk assessment employers have a duty of care towards their employees and a legal responsibility to conduct an individual risk assessment when they are made aware that an individual employee is experiencing stress whether the stress problem has been highlighted by the employee, identified by managers, or by health professionals. 
Our Advanced Diagnostic Technology Profile and coaching provides the means to conduct a valid risk assessment as required under health & safety law and duty of care, and will ensure that adequate risk control measures can be put into place.  Adequate risk assessment and risk control measures will not only minimise the likelihood of litigation but will also maximise employee work performance.
Stress Risks To Your Organisation
Average days lost to workplace stress                  
30 / annum
Direct / indirect sickness absence cost s per employee         
£1,000 / week
Recruitment costs per £13k worker                            
Payouts by firms for workplace stress in 2001                  
Average payout
Legal costs
Up to £1.5m
Replacing a key worker                     
£ you tell us!


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