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Stress Management Training

Stress management is not a separate issue from performance and development management but an integral part.  Managing performance pressures effectively creates motivation and reduces the pressures that lead to stress.
Positive Results can tailor-make a stress management training program for your organisation, incorporating the following:
  • Stress Policy
    • Integrated into your Performance Development Programme
  • Pressures/Stress Audit
    • The HSE does not consider an audit on its own to be a valid assessment of stress risks, however the HSE requires that to be a valid risk assessment the results of an audit must be validated through other relevant data and discussion or focus groups.
  • Psychological Stress Risk Assessment
    • HSE Stress Management Standards compliant
    • Both organisation and individual
  • Training (Law Society Accredited)
  • Coaching


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Updated Date : 2005-02-07

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