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When employees are stressed, their first port of call is usually their GP who often provides a sick note and sometimes a lengthy wait for counselling.  This is often not the best way of coping with stress:
  • Counselling is based on an employee’s perception of the causes of their stress and does not identify the real causes
  • Counselling is completely confidential, which means that where the cause of the stress is workplace related, managers will never find out and therefore be powerless to make necessary changes to prevent a recurrence.
  • Counselling is a typically lengthy process, which results in prolonged absence for the employee
Positive Results’ rehabilitation programs, however, use a combination of Advanced Diagnostic Technology  profiling and coaching to quickly identify the real causes of stress and work with an individual to resolve the issues and get back to work quickly.  Typically only between one and three coaching sessions are required to get an individual back to productive work.  In addition, because the ADT profile identifies the real stressors, Postive Results can also work with managers to rectify the problems in the workplace.


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Updated Date : 2005-02-07

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