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Many of today’s senior managers and executives find that they:
  • Work under constant pressure
  • Juggle conflicting demands
  • Often feel isolated
  • Have increasing legal responsibilities
  • Manage diverse teams
  • Work the longest hours in the EC
  • Are expected to achieve exceptional results
As a result, many find that their personal life suffers, they develop a distorted sense of themselves and their behaviour, are under constant pressure and increasing feel isolated. 
How Do You Get A Reality Check?
Who provides a mirror for you to see a true reflection?
Positive Results’ Advanced Diagnostic Technology Profile (ADT) provides the objective data that you need to take a reality check, and our business coaching helps you develop the winning behaviours necessary to achieve results.
ADT Identifies and Measures
  • Workplace and personal stressors
  • Stress signs and symptoms
  • Personal behaviours
  • Resources
and offers a comparison with established high performance managers. 
Couple this with high performance coaching specifically developed to help senior executives gain the power and confidence necessary to increase their own performance and the performance of those around them and to effectively manage the varying aspects of their life.


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